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Lily of death.

In a world where I am without Lily, the darkness grows deep within me. Unaware of myself and the people around me. My thoughts are endless, but I hesitate to express a sentence.

Now that only I am left with your memories. I have infinite questions about the world and you, Lily, but I hesitate to answer them. My eyes cry blood and my heart pumps ice. The sound of music has become meaningless to me as if I am deaf. In my dreams, I dream of living and miss the days that I never experienced.

What is the end of my story?

The windows of my house have imprisoned me like a cage, like an innocent in prison who is suffering from the grief of his innocence, the world has destroyed his right.


Your existence is meaningless, your memories are ashes and I leave your memory to eternal oblivion. Thank you for making my life meaningless, because at least I know not to exhaust myself to get something.

I pass and pass and pass life...

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